It's money for nothing!

Vouchers For Your EMPTY inkjet Cartridges

Hp, Lexmark, Canon inkjet cartridge only we receive will we send YOU €1 voucher code



And it's a free delivery service via only for inkjet cartridges

We are one of the largest collectors of used printer cartridges in the Ireland - save your empty printer cartridges and earn money for your charity, school or business even yourself. Please be aware that this service is only available for addresses within Ireland.

Recycling your old cartridges is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce the 250 million cartridges dumped in landfill sites in the last decade as well as helping you raise money for your cause or business. According to current statistics, only 5% of empty cartridges are currently being recycled - this means 95% of these items are simply discarded and end up in landfill sites. As well as taking up room in our already-limited landfill sites.

Remember to include your name  and email address and you will receive Voucher via email

inkjet Cartridges Collected
No Dell cartridges
Lexmark (All Inkjet Models)
HP (All inkjet Models Except 51645, C6615, C6578, 364, 363, 10,11, 902, 920, 903, 904)
Canon PG40, CL41, PG50, CL51, PG510, PG512, PG511, CL513, PG540, CL541 only

Sharp (All models)


Send your Cartridges to below or use free service


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