Printer Cartridges for Lexmark X2470

These High capacity ink cartridge Compatible 18CO781 (no.1) are guaranteed to work in Lexmark X2470 Printer Cartridges - Fast Delivery Ireland

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  1. X2470
    Tri-color Ink Cartridge Compatible 18CO781 (no.1)

    Print approx 400 pages
    • The 18CO781 (no.1) colour remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge produces rich halftones paired with very crisp blacks.
    • Get one year full guarantee for each time you purchase this product.
    • Get your order in no time through speedy delivery anywhere in Ireland.
    • Each product is packed full of ink, so you can have as many printouts as is required.
    • The product holds 15 ml of Grade A ink and performs like the original.
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    Price:€24.00incl. VAT
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