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PSC Digital Copier 310

Ink Cartridges HP (Hewlett Packard) PSC Digital Copier 310

These High capacity compatible inkjet cartridge C6578 no.78 are guaranteed to work on HP (Hewlett Packard) PSC Digital Copier 310 with fast Irish delivery.

  1. TRI

    PSC Digital Copier 310
    Tri-color Ink Cartridge C6578 no.78

    • Get the best colour copies with the tri-colour C6578 no.78 remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge.
    • A year full guarantee of quality and professional looking prints.
    • Speedy delivery anywhere within UK for your purchase.
    • A guarantee that high capacity non-clogging ink is used.
    • Fully useable 39ml of ink per cartridge at its maximum.
    Price€20.00incl. VAT

PSC Digital Copier 310