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HP (Hewlett Packard) Photosmart Ink Cartridges


Over 10 years ago, the majority of the brand name printer manufacturers made photo printers. Do you remember them? The small-format devices whose only task was to print photos from Macs or PCs connected via a USB cable. They eventially became unpopular for a number of reasons, but Hewlett Packard is revisiting this by asking us to print photos from mobile devices and laptops / computers to its popular Deskjet series.

4 Colour Inkjet Catridges for HP Photosmart
With this range there are individual cartridges which slot into the printer head, where the print nozzles are located. The combination of individual cartridges and a built in print head - as opposed to the ink cartridges - means that you don't have to worry about replacing ink unnecessarily simply because one colour has run out or the nozzles have clogged. If the nozzles on the printer do get clogged it's easy to run a cleaning cycle.

Buy Bulk and Save With Our Combo Deal
The vast majority of our compatible ink cartridges offer a bulk buy option at the bottom of the product page. Read more anbout the features and benefits by reading the Combo Deal Inkjet FAQ .
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