Compatible CLI 526C High Capacity Cyan Cartridge

Print approx 207 pages
  • CLI526C is a Cyan full capacity compatible ink cartridge that's perfect for printing beautiful blue hues whether for text or images.
  • This compatible ink cartridge is offered for the lowest price including a full 1 year no nonsense guarantee.
  • You can even get your cartridges at home or at work, through our speedy delivery anywhere within the Ireland.
  • CLI526C is created using top quality material which means the ink itself is Grade A ink.
  • You are sure that each cartridge will not only be to its full 10 ml capacity, it will also have top quality ink.
Price:€3.00incl. VAT
  • Buy 5 for €2.00 each and save 33%

ink cartridge details

Whenever you want an impactful, and attention grabbing colour, you can never go wrong with CLI526C Cyan ink cartridge. Because CLI526C Cyan ink cartridges are created in quality control manufacturing facilities, you will always be certain that it has just the right colour, and consistency to really bring out those Cyan hues. It even blends and mixes well with other colours which make it the perfect Cyan colour for printing highly detailed images. With the CLI526C ink cartridge, you can also feel more secure, that each beautiful print will always give you a consistent, detailed and stunning result you wouldn't even believe that this image was printed out of your printer. So raise your standards for the perfect ink cartridges, and choose CLI526C Cyan ink cartridge for your images and other print needs. For best results, use your CLI526C with the following compatible Canon printers: Canon IP 4850, Canon MG 5250, Canon MG 5150, Canon MG 6150, Canon MG 8150, Canon MG6250, Canon MG6150, Canon MG8250, Canon IP4950, Canon MG5350, Canon IP4850, Canon MX885, Canon MG6100, Canon MG 5300.

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