Compatible PGI-1500XL High Capacity Magenta Cartridge Compatible Printer cartridge for Canon Printer

Compatible PGI-1500XL High Capacity Magenta Cartridge Printer Cartridge is guaranteed to work with Canon MB2100 with fast delivery within Ireland

Compatible PGI-1500XL High Capacity Magenta Cartridge

Print approx 780 pages
  • The PGI-1500XL magenta is a full capacity compatible ink cartridge that comes in magenta.
  • It has a full 1 year no nonsense guarantee that you will be receiving the best ink and cartridge housing.
  • Each cartridge can be sent to you by fast Delivery within Ireland.
  • The cartridges all contain grade A ink to give you the best printing experience every time.
  • High Capacity cartridge providing more pages than standard cartridges.
Price:€10.00incl. VAT

ink cartridge details

This pgi-1500XL Magenta compatible inkjet cartridge is quite an ideal ink cartridge for your printing needs. Not only does it have that very rich and eye-catching magenta shade, it also is made from high quality materials that allow it to blend well with other colours and create magnificent iridescent reds and pinks for very vivid and professional presentations and documents. If you've been looking for vibrant colours for your prints, no matter what the specific reason may be, you should try this cartridge. Every pgi 1500xl was created in a high quality control manufacturing facility that ensures that each product is made to reach high standards needed for delivering high quality images and texts. Feel confident and secure that with each use of this ink cartridge you get quality and consistent printing.

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