Epson XP405 Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges Shortage Inkjet 2020

Epson XP405 Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges Shortage Inkjet 2020

Epson XP405 Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges Shortage Inkjet 2020

Epson XP405 Printer Ink Cartridges Shortage 2020

We have been exceptionally busy in the last few months of 2020 during the Irish lockdown when customers are stuck at home with the kids schooling and new offices being setup at home.

There's been an unexpected supply issue as a huge amount of inkjet Epson printer cartridges are recycled at special remanufactured inkjet cartridge factories mainly in Asia.

These are the plants whereby they are now unable to collect empty cartridges due to lockdown across the world. The immediate cause and effect has resulted in the extra demand for these cartridges and online ordering has soared. have researched the 4 corners of the globe online in an attempt to try and meet demand of the consumers shortage supply of 85% of printer cartridges.

July/August 2020: There still is a shortage of supply but we are still searching the international internet suppliers to maintain supply in the face of such and we hope we are doing good job - we are trying our best we assure you!

Lockdown 2020 WFH - DIY Decorating and Home Office Printer Supplies

While we’ve all been stuck at home a lot longer than usual, one of the (unexpected) perks that this has brought us is the fact that we’ve realised just how much DIY we can get done if we put our minds to it.

One of the more surprising trends that we’ve seen over lockdown is the sharp rise in home and office improvements that we’ve all been getting up to. There's also the lockdown working from home scenario that many of us were unprepared for, so basic supplies of webcams, A4 printer paper, printers and of course printer inkjet cartridges have had a booming increase of buying via the internet.

According to a study undertaken by the Office for National Statistics, as a nation, the COVID-19 lockdown period has seen us spend significantly more time undertaking DIY projects.

The results of a similar survey by found that over the 2020 May Bank Holiday period, a staggering 74% of UK households planned to spend the long weekend tackling a few home DIY projects. It is clear that the rates of home DIY have experienced a significant boost over the lockdown period, as more people take to those forgotten home improvement jobs.

Home Office Refurbishment - From Bedroom to Boardroom

A recent survey of 2,000 adults, that was commissioned by Ronseal, found that these long put-off DIY jobs are finally being tackled during the lockdown period. The research found that half of these adults had noticed jobs that needed doing that they previously hadn’t taken any notice of. Interestingly, 3 out of 5 of the respondents said that these home improvement jobs normally got forgotten about by the time they’d left the house. As a result, more than half of the adults surveyed had undertaken lockdown DIY projects, with each respondent completing an average of 4 tasks each.

Positive Mental Attitude - Redecorating Your Office Your Way

Furthermore, the positive impact that completing these jobs was having on respondents’ mentality was also evident, as over two-thirds said that it had helped them ease boredom, and additional third of these adults said that the jobs they’d completed would give them something to show for the time they’d spent in lockdown.

Inkjet Cartridges, Printer Ink and Compatible Cartridges - Buy With Confidence

We are always confident to ask for a review when clients purchase our products, this is a twofold process and reasoning behind it:

  • We verify we have a happy customer
  • Should we encounter a problem it's our priority to fix to the customer's satisfaction

Internet reviews are now taken into consideration a whole lot more often and websites such as Google My Business, Yelp, Trustpilot and Tripadvisor grow in popularity with every month.

Did you know?

Angry customers are 65% more likely to bother to take time out of their day to leave a bad comment on a product or service. Customers who experienced a smooth transaction won't think twice about spending time to create a new profile just to leave praise on the internet.

Facebook Discount Codes and Free UK / Ireland / Europe Delivery

This is why we get ahead of the game and post regularly on our Facebook page as a company and invite reviews regularly. We also release special discount codes which are eligible against even our bulk deals.

Same day despatch when bought by 3pm GMT (Monday-Friday) FREE DELIVERY when you spend over €30 to any destination in Ireland and the UK / Europe.

Engagement on Social Media, Prompt Response to email enquiries

Large corporations now employ whole teams to manage online reputation, and offer an extra level of real-time customer service with Twitter and Facebook still maintaining the top two spots whilst Instagram influencers are now elbowing in for 3rd place as a globally influencing social media platform for milllions of people.

Social Media teams are skilled in defusing anger in customers who rant online, and when a frustrated person receives an instant response to a question with an apology, much of this stress level can be reduced in a matter of minutes.

Engagement with customers online is a strong arrow to add to your customer service crossbow, aiming for the target of the problem and splitting the proverbial apple.

In 2020 it's more important than ever now to incorporate Social Media into your customer service stream to cater for all kinds of browsing customers. Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook posts and Google reviews stick around for ever, remember?

Lockdown Home Improvement London, Ireland and UK

So, for those of you who are following suit, and have been trying their hand at the odd job here and there, why not take your home improvement ventures one step further? Make the most out of this opportunity (and the rest of the time that you’re in lockdown with an empty diary) and upgrade your flooring.

Take your home’s cosiness level up several notches by installing some snug, high quality underfloor heating in your home. After all, since it now doubles up as your office too, it makes sense for you to invest in making your home space as comfortable as possible.

In August the seasons begin to cool down in Europe so we’ll be shedding a spotlight on our water and electric underfloor heating kits, focusing on two particular products in our recommended partner range: Solid routed panel boards, and our collection of underfloor heating pipes.

Underfloor Heating DIY Kits Electric and Water from Underfloor Heating Express

These two pieces of kit are designed to work perfectly together, and the combination of both products will provide you with a highly efficient and low cost water underfloor heating insulation system. These high quality, extremely durable underfloor heating manifolds provide an affordable underfloor heating solution that comes with a 50 years’ warranty , so are designed to last for a lifetime.

These UFH products provide an exceptional standard of insulation performance, with quick installation and an innovative design that is remarkably easy to use.

London Based DIY Store - Free UK 24hr Delivery

So, now that we’ve sold you on the idea of the perks that underfloor heating can bring you, let us talk to you through the fantastic reasons why Underfloor Heating Express is the perfect provider for you to secure your supplies direct from their website.

The many plus points that come with purchasing your supplies straight from Underfloor Heating Express, either online or in person at our London-based Bermondsey store, include their offerings of free UK nationwide delivery (with no minimum order value), plus free CAD design. They sell an extensive product range, which includes both big brand names and our own-branded product range, too. If you order before 2:00pm, you’ll get a same day dispatch on your orders at no extra cost (over 95% of our orders are delivered the very next day).

Telephone Customer Care

To speak to a member of the INKJET.IE team about the compatibility of our inkjet cartridges, the availability of Epson printer ink cartridges - Buy compatible and superior quality remanufactured printer ink cartridges online for all series of Dell printers and for other printer models that could be hard to source. We are Ireland's oldest and best supplier of inkjet cartridges for Inkjet printers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to speak to our crack team of experts on the phone, who will be able to talk you through any queries that you may have. Or, you can use our contact form for any sales enquiries, which you will receive a response to within one working day, guaranteed. Lockdown has made all of us far more appreciative of our homes, and the comfort that they bring. While we’re still spending that extra time in, there’s no time like the present to show your home a bit of love. Before the social calendar starts up again, make the most out of this opportunity to upgrade your space, so that you can enjoy the transformation for the rest of the lockdown period.