Discover The Difference

Discover The Difference

It's true that shoppers cartridge knowledge may belimited to either of the two statements: "Genuine or Brand cartridges are very expensive to buy" and maybe that "Compatible printer inkjet cartridges damage my printer or provide a poor printing finish".

The difference in ink cartridge quality in reality

Original printer cartridges are manufactured by the same brand that made your printer so, an Original cartridge for a HP (Hewlett Packard) printer is manufactured by Hewlett Packard themselves.

A Compatible cartridge is an inkjet cartridge that's manufactured by a third party company for your printe so Compatible cartridge for a HP (Hewlett Packard) printer is manufactured by someone else, such as (Ourselves).

Compatible ink cartridges are just as reliable as Genuine cartridges, and as we only use 100% new inventory this is by far the easiest way to save money on your printing, without impacting print quality or the performance of your printer. We estimate the savings are as much as 70% for some models of printer. customers typically can't tell the difference between genuine and compatible cartridge printing results, whether it's a black text wording or full colour photographic performance.