Summer Discount Code

Summer Discount Code Coupons and Why We Use Them

We like to entice new customers. For some businesses, coupons are used to entice new customers in such a way that the discounted price lowers purchase barriers – namely basket price – that may dissuade the average shopper from buying and trying compatible ink cartridges. We want all of our customers to have trust in our quality products.

Reward existing customers. We have found that when coupons are used to reward existing customers it often encourage them to make a repeat purchase. We do publish these on our Facebook page and Twitter so be sure to folloow us!

Drive more website traffic. In some cases, coupons are less about actual sales and more about attracting traffic and driving engagement. For example, a 10 percent off coupon code that’s promoted social media will encourage people to visit your website. While they may not use the 10 percent off coupon, we are creating brand awareness so they will remember our brand in the future and come back to visit again.

Promote awareness of compatible inkjet cartridges. Inkjet, coupons are great PR tools so when we offer a generous deal, we encourage customers to share our deals on social media sites to go back to the first point - attracting new customers.

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Discount ends on 30th July 2017