Compatible BCI-6pm High Capacity Photo Magenta Cartridge

Photo Magenta
Print approx 280 pages
  • The BCI-6pm magenta full capacity compatible ink cartridge is ideal for use in printing images and photographs thanks to the rich hues and highly nuanced tones it offers.
  • You get a full year guarantee when you order this product.
  • Get your order within the most reasonable period of time courtesy of quick Delivery within Ireland service.
  • The cartridge is packed full of ink for your convenience.
  • It carries up to 16 ml of high-quality ink.
Price:€5.00incl. VAT
  • Buy 5 for €2.00 each and save 60%

ink cartridge details

Get amazingly rendered magentas all the time with the BCI-6pm magenta full capacity compatible ink cartridge. This product is designed to be 100% compatible to your printer, so you know that it will print as well as the original and yield the same results. It is filled with Grade A ink, which means that you get the same rich hues and amazing tones that are perfect for developing photographs or printing highly coloured documents, presentations, and many more. This makes this cartridge excellent for use in your home, in the office, and in school. Buy it now and you get a full year warranty. You will even get it quickly after you order no matter where you are in the Ireland. This cartridge is compatible with the following printers: Canon MP 780 Canon MP 750 Canon i865 Canon BJC-8200 Canon i900 Canon i950 Canon i960 Canon S900 Canon IP 8500 Canon IP 6000D Canon IP 400R Canon IP 500D Canon S820 Canon BJF-860 Canon S800 Canon S820D Canon S830d Canon S900d Canon S820 Canon S8200D Canon i905d Canon i9100 Canon i965 Canon i990 Canon i9950 Canon I860 Canon i9900

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